The weather may be dreary and cold, but that does not mean you are not able to start planning your spring/summer time soiree! Let’s bust out those sunglasses and start to look ahead.

Warmer weather is just around the corner and so is wedding season. Where we are seeing lots of color, greenery, and touches of nature. Pinks and Wine still rule the color palates, but they are being used in a unique and fun ways.

But that point brings us to a very important part of Wedding Planning. Just because it is popular on Pinterest or Magazines does not mean that you have to do it.  If there is a trend that is popular, but not you, simply pass on it. A wedding is the joining of two people, two lives, two different aesthetics.  So let your creative fun personalities shine. Recently a bride discussed wearing a black or pink dress. We support that idea 100%…it was what she had always dreamed of wearing to her wedding. No matter what dress she chose she (along with you) will be a beautiful bride or groom on your big day. The dress or outfit you choose to wear is just the icing to the cake. It’s the pretty glittery part that everyone always talks about and takes pictures of. But, let’s be honest cake without all that icing is still amazing.  When looking at your big day, be yourself. Your partner will notice how big that smile is, how confident and beautiful you are walking down that aisle. In the dress, pants, jumpsuit that you choose. There is a reason that you chose that particular outfit, it made you feel amazing, but like you.

So in the crazy world of wedding planning, remember that it is ok to be yourself. Have the wedding of your dreams. Whether it is a rustic barn ceremony or chic uptown mixer. At the end of the day, you will be married to the person who has your heart. So remember when stressing out what blue to use, or which fabric looks best on the chairs….have the wedding you always wanted. Strut down that aisle in a bright pink dress, or have a beef jerky bar for a snack. People will enjoy the day because it is truly a symbol of the love of two amazing people.

Lakepoint opened just shy of two years ago, and from the beginning had the goal of being a luxury wedding location with a moderate price. We want every couple to experience a wedding day that they will never forget.

One of our biggest missions is to introduce our couples to innovative and creative ways to make the most out of their budget. Have you ever wanted to get married on a boat as your guests watched you from shore, had a first dance on a waterside pergola draped in wisteria, Walked across a gorgeous lawn as your fiancée looks out at the water…anxiously awaiting your arrival. These among many many other experiences are what we at Lakepoint can make happen. With years of experience and ideas to help you experience a day you will never forget, the Lakepoint team is here to make it happen.

So many times we have couples come in and have been told no by so many venues that they have lost hope for their perfect day. Who would have imagined that we would have had a beach side wedding surrounded by tiki torches in Bella Vista Arkansas! Well, we did and it was a perfect day for a beach wedding.

As we begin to start engagement season, we welcome all couples. We welcome you to bring us your crazy, romantic, unique ideas. Let us help you create the day you have envisioned as a couple. We may not be able to make everything happen…..but we will try our hardest to design a day that takes your breath away.

Speaking of engagements. Are you looking for a spot to pop the question that will be unique and envied by all your friends? Let Lakepoint create an experience your loved one will remember for a lifetime. Rose petals, a violinist, and amazing sunset as you drop to one knee and ask for their hand in marriage. Contact our event team and let us create the surprise that will leave them speechless.